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Jeremy Vine

Jeremy Vine


Jeremy Vine is one of the UK's most successful broadcasters. In more than thirty years at the BBC, he's presented Newsnight, Panorama, Crimewatch, Eggheads and Points of View — as well as his daily Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2, the UK's most listened-to radio news programme.

He's been shot at in Croatia and had chewing gum placed on his chair in Zimbabwe (by one of Robert Mugabe's supporters). But increasingly he finds himself asking "What the hell is going on?" as information and misinformation get mixed together and the sheer volume of news that gets thrown at us all is mindblowing.

Get ready to laugh and cry as Jeremy tries to make sense of a world that increasingly makes no sense at all — where, as he puts it, "my listeners have better stories than I do."

There is a bucket collection at the end of the show on behalf of The Motor Neurone Disease Association

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Living Spit's Odyssey (12+)

Living Spit's Odyssey

Captivating singer Kate Dimbleby joins Bristol’s favourite comedy theatre troupe Living Spit to reimagine Homer’s classic work.

The Odyssey, one of the supreme works of western literature, tells of Odysseus’ 10-year journey home from the Trojan War, overcoming some of Greek mythology’s greatest challenges. All Greece presumed him dead while Penelope, his faithful wife, fended off countless drunken suitors. The story’s scope and beauty have entranced mankind for nearly three thousand years.

Now Kate Dimbleby, the internationally renowned, stupefyingly talented singer and raconteur, joins Living Spit, a pair of scruffy, puerile, knockabout chancers from a small seaside town just south of Bristol, to create a highly original retelling of this story of redemption, isolation and a desperate yearning for love.

Expect great music and top-notch comedy married together with playful panache, pathos and puns! Let’s just hope they get on…

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The Miller's Daughter

The Miller's Daughter

The Miller's Daughter - Unrest at the Mill 1830 by Sue Ashby and Tony Benge

The setting for this original play is Sturminster Mill, where it was first performed. It uses both real and fictional characters living through the huge social unrest of the 1830s.

It is now re-designed for performance indoors and presented with minimal scenery. After the hour long performance, there will be time, for those who wish, to discuss the play and its history with the writers and actors.

Taboo Theatre Company is a collective group of local actors formed in 2006 in association with The Martinsey Isle Trust. Taboo's last production was 'Rage, Tears and Cider' in 2018.

"the versatile and talented cast of Taboo Theatre...bringing this powerful and sadly still relevant story to vivid life"  (Fine Times Recorder)

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Bedroom Farce

Bedroom Farce

Capturing the true spirit of Alan Ayckbourn's work, theatre group 'Close to the Mark' present this hilarious farce set in the 1970s which sees four couples navigate their relationship issues around a house warming party.

Ayckbourn's timeless talent turns this calamity into a fast moving comedy that connects to all who have ever been in a relationship.

(Private Hire Event)

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