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Living Spit's A Christmas Carol (10+)

Living Spit's A Christmas Carol

Living Spit are delighted to bring you 'the alternative' Christmas show this festive season!

Hard hearted Ebenezer Scrooge hates the season of goodwill until a visit from three spirits one Christmas Eve makes him rethink his... blah blah blah.

We all know the story. We’ve all seen the film(s). But who’s the best Scrooge of all time? Albert Finney? Alistair Sim? Patrick Stewart? Well, just hold your horses there! Because you’ve yet to witness Bristol actor Craig Edwards’ take on Dickens’ mean miserabilist.

He waits, like a coiled spring, ready to bring his unique brand of Midlands malcontentment to the role. And he’s brought Clevedon’s finest, Stu Mcloughlin, along for the ride to play (almost literally) all the other parts!

Hilarious, tender, idiotic and musically virtuosic by turns, Living Spit’s two-man adaptation of A Christmas Carol promises a feast of festive foolery that’ll have you splitting your sprouts with laughter, or your money back!*

*only joking about the “money back” bit!!

"Christmas tradition laced with really, really good comedy."

Bristol Post


“The jokes are brilliantly bad, the songs are wonderful and all in all the whole performance is hilarious. Its proper fun for all the family, which is exactly what you want at Christmas.“

Bristol 24/7

Parental Guidance; Suitable for ages 10 years + due to occasional bad language and regular terrible puns!

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The Real Manhunter Live!

The Real Manhunter Live!

Former Detective Chief Inspector with the Metropolitan Police Service and Senior Investigating Officer Colin Sutton will be appearing with ‘The Real Manhunter – Live’. In this show the now writer and broadcaster takes you through his career – from cracking cold cases and chasing serial killers to writing books and making TV shows.

Colin retired in 2011 and since then has written two books, collaborated in writing two dramas for ITV and written and presented ‘The Real Manhunter’ for Sky Crime – which will be airing its third season in September 2023. He is also a regular speaker at ‘Crime Con’, the annual true crime conventions in London and Glasgow.

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SNADS - Aladdin

SNADS - Aladdin

A hilarious traditional Pantomime full of wonder, spectacle and amazing dance. Can Aladdin outwit the Evil Abanazer? What is that Panda up to now?

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Watch This Space

Watch This Space

Watch This Space sees astronomer Will Gater bring to the stage the story of the extraordinary things humans see when we look to the stars.

This thrilling new show delves deep into some of the biggest questions humans have ever asked: what’s ‘out there’, what are the stars, and what is our place in the immense Cosmos that we call home.

Blending spectacular visuals, live demos and inspiring storytelling, Watch This Space will take you on a journey like no other, jumping from our small corner of the Milky Way to some of the most distant objects in the known Universe.

If you’ve marvelled at the latest pictures from orbiting telescopes or pondered on the wonders of space, this show is for you. A starry night sky will never look the same way again…

“One of the current generation of ‘rock star’ science popularisers” Exeposé

Will Gater

Science journalist, author and presenter, Will Gater has dedicated his career to bringing to life the wonders of the night sky. His writing has appeared in New Scientist, BBC Sky at Night Magazine and Physics World among others, and he makes regular appearances on TV and radio to promote astronomy and science. His most recent book, The Mysteries of the Universe, was published by Dorling Kindersley in 2020 and quickly became a best-seller.

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The Passion of Living Spit (14+)

The Passion of Living Spit

Living Spit presents

The Passion of Living Spit

Get ready to witness the most divine comedy of all time. Join us for ahilarious theatrical journey through the life and unfortunate death of thebearded, ethnically ambiguous offspring of God, Jesus H.Christ.

Featuring a smattering of JC’s greatest hits; water into wine! Loaves andfishes! Parables! Miracles! Animals! Vegetables! Minerals! And with a holy host of reimagined Easter hymns, this is a Sunday school lesson

unlike any other...With a dash of irreverent wit, a sprinkle of divine inspiration and a hearty helping of tasteless biblical buffoonery, The Passion of Living Spit promises to give a whole new meaning to the term ‘Cross-dressing’.

They’re going to nail it!

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Megan McCubbin

Megan McCubbin

Megan McCubbin Stopping extinction - an atlas of endangered species

What does it take to save a species from extinction? Is it determination, luck, optimism, jurassic-park-style

science... or just hard work? Well, in truth, its a combination of them all.

We are so lucky to share our planet with so many spellbinding species - from sharks that use electromagnetic fields to hunt, sloths that have a unique endemic ecosystem on their backs and the giant ecosystem engineers that are rhinos. Each animal plays an important part in the delicate web of life, but today, that web is under threat from execrated extinctions caused by humans. Biodiversity loss cannot be

understated - but hope is not lost...Around the world there are scientists, rangers and indigenous communities fighting to protect wildlife and their habitats.

In this show, we will hear to stories from the front line of conservation and find out what it takes to pull a species back from the brink, from parrot sperm helmets to embryo freezing and everything in between! All the whileanswering the big questions...

“I'm only one person, what can I do to make a difference?"

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