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Diversity in Kimmeridge Clay

Diversity in Kimmeridge Clay

Special Diversity in Kimmeridge Clay with Steve Etches MBE

Presented by Steve Etches who is a self taught Palaeontologist from Dorset.

Be mesmerised by sea monsters, prehistoric predators and marine flora and fauna.

Steve's museum houses the finest single collection of late Jurassic fossils found in the world famous, oil rich Kimmeridge clay, by one man.

In association with Sturminster Newton Heritage Trust

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Sleeping Lions (16)

Sleeping Lions

Sleeping Lions by Tom Derrington,

A BacktoBack Theatre Production

Directed by Kitty Cecil-Wright


The invitations have been delivered, the party games are ready, the table is set and the balloons are up. But where are all the children? Mum Katie is convinced that her precious son Leo is the most popular boy in the class but Dad Max has discovered something that tears him apart. Other parents whisper conspiratorially at the school gates and plot to keep their children away. So, whose version of the truth is real? As the parents wait for the birthday party to kick off, the clock ticks and tension builds to an unbearable climax. Funny, raw and profoundly moving, this incredible, award winning play is guaranteed to take you on a roller coaster of emotions.


Here’s what audience members said following its debut run at the Titchfield Festival Theatre:

"Wow!!! Just wow, one of the most powerful pieces of theatre I’ve seen. Easy to see why it was the competition winner. Incredible piece of writing."

"It was stunning, the writing was brilliant, amazing plot and fantastic acting. A WOW show!"

"Sleeping Lions makes the audience feel like a fly on the wall in a very real household. The way Tom Derrington has captured real life in his writing is fantastic."

"In just under an hour and a half this play managed to hit every one of my emotional buttons."

"It’s funny, moving, very relevant and races along at break neck speed."

"The relationship between Katie and Max was so heartbreakingly truthful that I felt every bit of friction, regret, anger and love displayed on the stage."

"If you only see one play this season PLEASE make sure you see this one!"

Start time - 8pm

Running time  - 1hr 30mins - no interval

Recommended age 16+.

Warning there is strong language and some upsetting themes

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Friday 14 Oct 202220:00 Book Now