Ogg n Ugg n Dogg

Ogg n Ugg n Dogg

A long time ago there were no dogs – there were wolves, but we didn’t like them and they didn’t like us. But then along came Yorkshire hunter gatherers Ogg ’n’ Ugg who befriend the wolves, invent our best friend, the dog, and save us all from a life of doglessness! Audiences can expect flying meat bones, sabre-toothed tigers, slug tastings, time travelling sticks, loads of scary howls and (if they’re lucky) even a chance to pat Dogg! Using physical comedy, clowning, puppetry, music and song, award-winning Fideri Fidera present a brand new show for families and dog lovers of all ages. Suitable for ages 4+

* Post-show arts and crafts workshop with Ogg n Ugg available. Workshop runs for 40mins. Places £3 for ages 4+

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