John Mills

John Mills

John Mills - Classical Guitar & The Archaeus  String Quartet

Play Vivaldi, Cherubini, Ravel  and Argentinian guitar masters.

John Mills is the only remaining pupil of Segovia to be performing in public. Internationally  renowned for his Segovia like sumptuous sounds,  thousands of amateur guitarists in the UK have learned from his guitar tutors. For many he is “the guitarists’ guitarist”

The Archaeus quartet have a 27 year history of appearing at prestige venues such as the Wigmore hall and Purcell Room, and recording  the music of interesting often neglected composers such as Leonard Salzedo,York Bowen, Cyril Scott, and Ethel Smyth.

If you like the Four Seasons you will love the glorious Vivaldi concerto being played in this concert, and the cheering tunefulness of the Guitar Quintet by Boccherini. And all this comes with the contrasting adventurous elegance of Ravel ( always one for a bit of Spanish dash), and the rich rhythms  of the Argentinian guitar masters De Gese, Crespo, and Morel.

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