The Temperance Seven

The Temperance Seven

               GRAND  DIAMOND  JUBILEE  TOUR 2017

Who could have predicted that a band, which hit the top of the charts 50 years ago in 1961 with a song and style that were already forty years out of date, would still be around in 2016, still  playing the same style of music?

The main difference now is that the band has a vast repertoire….  jazz classics from the past, original compositions, novelty numbers ….so whatever your taste in jazz  The Temperance Seven will play it for you.

The band had a string of chart successes, notably with  "You're Driving Me Crazy", which was Sir George Martin's first ever number one hit, and followed by other top ten hits like "Home in Pasadena", "The Charleston", "Hard Hearted Hannah" and  "The Black Bottom", and still has a huge following in the UK and abroad.

The Temperance Seven play what they like, and their enormous enjoyment is hilariously  transmitted to their audiences  with their  zany pythonesque humour..  

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